White is the New Orange

10 easy ways to decorate for Thanksgiving using white pumpkins

Hi everyone! It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a week away and, so,  I wanted to put together some last minute decorating solutions.

With all the cooking, prepping, organizing and more that takes place, many of you have expressed having no time left to decorate. In this blog, I have put together 10 inspirational photos of QUICK, EASY and clever ways to have Thanksgiving decor that is festive, refined and beautiful...and, more importantly, to do so without breaking a sweat. Here goes!

1.) Greet your guests with something festive as soon as they arrive to your door.

Take a lush green wreath and simply place a small white pumpkin to sit right at the floor of the wreath's inner circle. Make sure it's lush enough that the pumpkin will have plenty of space to "settle in." Some of my favorites are boxwood wreaths or eucalyptus blends. Here's a link to one of my favorite places to order from:


2.) Place white pumpkins on your steps.

To achieve something clean and modern, simply place pumpkins in a straight ascending line. If they are large, place a pumpkin on every other step.

For a more charming display, play with various pumpkin sizes and incorporate some candles.


3.) For a cheery effect, try incorporating fresh holly berries or cranberries along side white pumpkins and place everything on top of your mantle or any other surface that works.

Use whatever glass containers you have and casually place the berries within.


4.) Create one beautiful display on your buffet.

Make it an area where guests can snack on some nuts, pour a glass of wine, etc... and then scatter small white pumpkins throughout. Use glass canisters for candles and for filling with more white pumpkins. 

Crate and Barrel sells a bag of 6 hand painted white pumpkins that work beautifully for liberally sprinkling pumpkins throughout an area.. add a set of their birch branches and you have a beautiful display that can also perfectly transition into Holiday decor.


5.) Choose a cozy corner, add your favorite basket and fill with pumpkins and subtle greenery.

Opt for baskets that have an open weave or wire baskets so that you can really see through them.

I love this one from the container store in copper!


6.) Simply pile 3 pumpkins on top of each other in 3 different sizes.

Place by your front door, on a strategic spot on your floor or right on your table..


7.) Place a small pumpkin on everyone's place setting.

You can even arrange where everyone sits with name tags tied onto the stems!


8.) Create a quick centerpiece by putting a tray at the center of your dining table and placing various pumpkins, pinecones and greenery in it.

For a modern look, try this platter from Tina Frey:


9.) For a softer and more minimalistic look, create a quick centerpiece by placing a few pumpkins amongst the greenery of a planter box.

Have your local florist create the planter display and just "drop in" the pumpkins ;)


10.) Create a linear display of pumpkins and foliage along your dining table runner.

For a more cohesive look, place a wood board under the pumpkins and foliage. Here's a great one by Horne:


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